New Release: Dark ‘N’ Stormy by Angela Stevens


Release Date: March 29th


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Twenty-three-year-old Finn enjoys playing the field, but when a one night stand turns into something more, Finn is ready to jump on the relationship bandwagon. Thirty-three-year-old Julia Royston is everything Finn desires—blonde, sexy, and naughty in bed. But this love thing isn’t as plain sailing as he’s seen advertised. While Finn puts his past behind him, Julia’s rears its ugly head and Finn’s carefree life turns dark and stormy.



A knock on the door disturbed Finn in mid-sweep. An attractive woman in her mid-thirties with long blonde hair and stark blue eyes sauntered in wearing skyhigh heels. She was overdressed for the rink in her smart pencil skirt and blouse, and he wondered who her kid was. He hadn’t seen her around before—he would have remembered her, for sure.

“Can I help you?” Finn put down his broom and went to speak to her.

His eyes roamed over her slim figure. She noticed him looking and ogled him back. Touché mademoiselle.

“I came to watch a friend’s kid play a game, but I got delayed.” She stared at the empty rink. “Did I miss it?” She had an air of confidence about her.

“Well, that depends. What level do they play? We have two rinks, Midgets finished thirty minutes ago, but Squirts are still playing on the Olympic rink.”


He laughed. “The oldest group, high schoolers. The squirts are nine and ten.”

She shrugged her shoulders “Kid’s about this big.” She stuck her hand out showing the height. “Will that be the younger ones?”

Finn nodded.

“Down there?” She pointed back through the double doors.

“Yeah. They’re about ten minutes left on the clock. If you’re quick, you’ll catch them.”

“Thanks. I don’t know why I said I’d come, I can’t bear the little monster, but I owed his mom a favor.” She held out her hand.

Finn shook it. “You’re welcome.”

She held the handshake longer than he expected and kept her eyes locked on his.

Finn leaned against the doorjamb and watched her walk away. Her hips pulled against the fabric of her tailored skirt, adding to the tantalizing sexy sway of her ass as she strode back across the rink. Boy, that’s one red-hot mama.


The Cocktail Series (Steamy Contemporary Romance)

The Cocktail Series books are full-length, standalone novels revolving around a collection of gritty characters. The men are hot hockey stick wielding guys and the women…are not what they seem.

Weaving contemporary HEA romances around sometimes harrowing tales, Angela Stevens’ characters are raw and sensual. They speak as they fuck, hard and sometimes dirty, and they wear their hearts on their sleeves. But when any of the Hockey Punk guys fall for a girl, sparks are guaranteed to fly.

The Cocktail Series is best read with a cocktail or two, a bar of your favorite chocolate, and your preferred brand of tissues. Be warned, all the stories in the series are written for an adult audience. Contents contain hot sex and an emotional journey. There are chapters that will make you seethe and those that will make you cry, and others that will make you hot and flustered. But most of all, each story contains a heart-felt tale of love, friendship, and a way of beating the odds.


Champagne Moments (Prequel)



Jonny Brooks transfers colleges and lands himself a place on the hockey team. When he joins his teammates at a local bar to celebrate, he also loses his heart to a shy country girl. But Roxy Holland is just out of a bad relationship and dating handsome hockey players is not on her agenda.

Champagne Moments is a short companion novella to the hot and steamy Cocktail Series. Taking place before Lemon Drops And Love, the novella goes back in time, giving the reader a glimpse of Maya, Jude, Jonny, Roxy, and Rick in their college days. The Novella can be read in any order.


Lemon Drops And Love (1)



Jude Holland is a man with a problem. His heart belongs to his best friend, but his best friend belongs to someone else. Maya Jenkins has a bigger problem. Her boyfriend’s jealousy and temper is controlling her life. When she plucks up courage to leave Carl, she reaches out to Jude.

Four years younger, her best friend has always made her feel safe. Maya has hidden her true feelings for Jude for seven years and coming out of an abusive relationship is not an appropriate time to reveal them—or is it?

 After rescuing her from Carl’s clutches, Jude is shocked by how much Carl has destroyed Maya’s strong spirit.  No longer the carefree, self-assured woman he once knew, Jude vows to help her pick up the pieces of her life. However, Jude didn’t bank on Carl’s unwillingness to let go.


Ice Cold Mint Juleps (2)



Ash Cooper is loyal to the core but when that loyalty is tested by his boss and his dead friend’s girlfriend, Ash’s reasonable nature is tested to the limit. But all is not what it seems, and when Ash’s genuine misunderstanding is followed by a downright ridiculous jumping to conclusion, a confrontation comes in the form of one-hell-of-a hockey fight.

Sent off the ice in disgrace, London Sinclair is damned if she is putting up with Ash Cooper being such a jerk any longer. When their confrontation spills into the locker room, Ash’s reaction to her ultimatum is neither what she expected nor what she can allow herself to have.

About the Author


Angela Stevens writes both contemporary adult steamy romance novels and YA Urban fantasy.

Angela is British born but moved to the United States eight years ago. Always a keen traveler, she has enjoyed spending time living outside of her native country. She is an ex-teacher and the mother of two children. When empty nest syndrome threatened, Angela turned to writing novels to fill her growing free time. As her hobby grew she found storytelling began to fill her waking hours.

Lemon Drops and Love (Her first novel) grew out of her voracious appetite for reading. After one particularly momentous year, where she consumed over one hundred paper backs, Angela Stevens decided to attempt her own first novel. The story is set in her local town and the setting for her love story was partly inspired by her passion for ice hockey. She discovered her love of the sport when she first moved to America. A rabid Washington Capitals fan, Angela can often be found ‘rocking the red’ at the Verizon center supporting her beloved team.

Angela cut her writers teeth on and when she first serialized Lemon Drops and Love, the book received over 180,000 reads.

Her most recent series, The Vargr Clan Trilogy has just been released. The Wolf You Feed is the first in this emotional roller coaster series. Over two years in the writing, this story blends werewolves and Skin Walkers in a complex tale that spans two generations.

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