New Release & Review: Vivid Lies by Alyne Roberts


Vivid Lies

by Alyne Roberts

Publication Date: June 6, 2016

Genres: Contemporary, Romance

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Two Girls. Two Boys. The math should be easy.

London and Brooklyn have shared everything their whole lives. They shared a birthday, a mother they never met, and a tragic past. Their bond is unbreakable and beautiful. The sisters may look identical but they are nothing alike.

Brooklyn is the wild and reckless sister. London is logical and responsible.

When they leave the only home they have ever known with their best friend Miles, their bond is tested.

Miles finally sees Brooklyn and London as more than the girls he grew up with.

He is smart and caring, everything London should want.

But it might be too late because a new stranger enters their lives, changing everything.

Kane is mysterious and troubled, with commitment issues.

He should to be perfect for Brooklyn and her wild side.

What happens things don’t go as they should?

Nothing goes as planned. Things are never as they seem. No one is who they say they are.

The lies are so vivid, they are almost real.



Kane isn't Just Kissing




Patricia‘s Review – 5 Stars: ☆☆☆☆☆

Vivid LiesVivid Lies by Alyne Roberts

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How do you review a book that’s full of twists without giving anything away? I’m in trouble here.
Secrets, memories, fears, hopes and dreams, brought all together into the lives of four people.
Nothing it is as you think, while you read you imagine various scenarios and every time a twist come you change your mind!
I read this book in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down until I found the truth!
This is an emotional story, the pain is evident in each page, and you will get very confused, but in the end, when you see the truth everything become clear and and beautiful, even.


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We Slam Together

About Alyne Roberts

Alyne lives in Ohio with her husband, two dogs and cat. Working full time in an office all day, she spends her nights reading, writing or watching an entire TV series in a night. She refuses to grow up and loves Disney movies and anything with owls. She couldn’t live without her coffee or her furry “children”.

Alyne wrote her first novel titled “Light to the Darkness” in 2014.

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