Review: Author Anonymous by E. K. Blair


#AuthorAnonymous by Author E.K. Blair
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Patricia‘s Review – 5 Stars: ☆☆☆☆☆

Author AnonymousAuthor Anonymous by E.K. Blair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I savored this book slowly. I even re-read it at some point. I couldn’t believe what I was reading because this is a true story. This is real. This happened to someone in real life! This isn’t fiction!

You must have some HUGE balls to write this book because this “story” clearly goes against everyone beliefs, but E. K. Blair did it and in a fantastic way, I must say. The writing is flawless, you can see that the author gave everything to bring to the reader the most authentic story in itself.
This book is painful, is raw, emotional at every level, brings up the reality of a fantasy! How many times had this happened to so many people around the world? It’s a huge wake up call!!

I feel so unbalanced… I can’t say much about the plot, obviously, so I’ll stick with my feelings about it.

I won’t ever judge Tori’s actions except one. But I understand why she acted the way she did. Sometimes I would get mad, other times happy for her, or even disappointed… but I really do understand.
The thrill of meeting someone new after so many years with the same person is, sometimes, a fantasy. But when that fantasy becomes reality, the nasty happens. Some people can stay away from the forbidden desire, others can’t, and risk everything for a what if… The end made me sad, for obvious reasons that I won’t give away, so please read this book and take your own conclusions.

I would love to know the author’s identity, because I’m curious, lol, but also because this woman is so BRAVE to tell her true story to become a book for everyone to read! Thank you! I’m sure so many people will see themself on you…


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